The Eagle Has Landed

The Eagle Has Landed!

Opeagle comes from OpEd (Opinion Editorial). We replaced the "Ed" with Eagle, Eagle being the freest flying bird and considered by many cultures as a symbol of freedom, Opinion is yours. 

Free to voice your opinion. Opeagle.

We wanted a way for you to communicate opinions, good and bad, directly to public officials, popular personas or about popular topics in a way that the rest of the world and most importantly that particular official or person could see without any interference or bias. Meaning: no one could do anything to hide or change an opinion except for the users. Simple enough. There are a few exceptions:

If a user does not like what another user has to say then they can Nay vote that comment. The comment will move down in the comment column. Enough Nay votes for a particular comment and it disappears. The inverse is also true, Yea votes keep comments at the top of discussion. An individual user cannot Yea or Nay their own comment.

Users MUST NOT libel, defame, racially vilify or bully a person or they will be held personally responsible by someone, maybe or maybe not, just not by us. Opeagle does not edit, moderate or censor comments. We are talking freedom here! Real First Amendment stuff going down. We leave it up to the majority to get rid of that element that the majority doesn't agree with. Because honestly any attempt by us would introduce a bias and we are not here for that. You are.    

The world can be a hurtful, mean and dangerous place. We (the human race) cannot ignore this and hope it changes. We need to confront it and do the hard work that needs to be done to make the positive change necessary. Opeagle is the tool We need to do that. 

Love, Liberty, Happiness, Justice, Peace