I'm a Public Persona

“I like it! Any press is good press. I would like to submit a better picture for you to use or give you a suggestion for my profile description.”

Great! Register on Opeagle, and Make Contact. We will do our best! Because we like you! Of course, we will need to verify you are who you say you are. So, if you're not who you claim to be, please don't. 

“I hate it. Take it down or I will sue. You probably already have a cease and desist from my attorney.”

Opeagle is an Opinion Editorial Information Website. If you don't like what the Users on Opeagle are saying about you, then you or your attorney should contact them directly. Or, just stop doing whatever it is that is getting you all the negative feed back. 

You have a right to embarrass yourself completely in public, our Users have the right to give an opinion about it. :) 

Love, Liberty, Happiness, Justice, Peace.